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Monika’s Macarons is a family owned and operated business specializing in crafting Parisian French Macarons. Monika Tumbrello (Founder & Head Artisan) has galvanized her French heritage and desires to introduce the petite French delicacy to the Temecula Valley. Her macarons are made with gluten free ingredients for the many individuals who have this type of dietary concern. Monika proudly started “Monika’s Macarons” in March of 2012, which immediately launched her into the local food artisan movement. Monika’s Macarons avidly embraces French macarons as a form of her creative expression (attained from her former artistic back-ground) by emphasizing on visual appeal and delightful flavor pairings, made with the highest quality ingredients. Monika’s Macarons is a strong supporter of the community and buys local fundamentals such as eggs, nuts, crème fraiche, berries, spices, and flavorings from Southern California farmers and merchants. The company and its artisans firmly believe that buying locally helps sustain the passions of regional business owners, farmers, and other food artisans such as themselves.

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Handcrafted French Macarons that instantly brighten up your day. Whether it's our salted caramel (Fan Favorite) or our exquisite vanilla bean macaron, we use the finest ingredients to produce these Culinary pieces of Art!

“I never get tired to see someone's delight after tasting one of our macarons."

Monika’s story is two-fold, combining her experiences and skills as a Chef and an Artist.
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Monika Tumbrello
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